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St Pat’s Gym


Please join us in honoring and recognizing the volunteerism of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Landry for coaching St. Pat's athletics.



Mr. Landry served as basketball coach from 1968- 1989. He devoted 20 years to the service of young men from 5th grade to 8th grade on a voluntary basis. Mrs. Landry volunteered to softball, cheerleading, track and volleyball coach from 1970 -1980.


They made a mark on young men and women extending beyond athletics. A group of former players and athletes have realized that the Landry's approach to coaching had an impact on their lives amd want to celebrate and recognize their positive impact.  Their teams  won championships but most importantly, they helped shape the lives of young, primarily Catholic men and women , who have now passed down those values to their families. Their volunteer dedication extended to giving kids rides to practices, staying late to allow parents who worked time to pick up their children, having practice nightly, participating in games on weekends, and competing in tournaments that lasted all day and into the night. 

One of Mr. Landry’s long term accomplishments was to start the annual 6th Grade Basketball Tournament that continues today. We know a significant amount of time has passed since the end of his coaching career but for the majority of previous players, the are  remembered as an influential person in their lives.

As a volunteer, their support and commitment to their players, please join us on Sept. 17, 2022 to to recognize their contributions.

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